ARLASH membership is based on a coordinating group, detailed below, plus a current membership of around 40 participants from Research, Agriculture, Consultancies, Designing, Education, Farming, Public Health, Non-government agencies, Government agencies, Indigenous peoples and Planning.

We welcome new members to the Alliance who agree to work collectively or friends who wish to support the ARLASH vision.
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David Marsh

David Marsh, Master of Sustainable Agriculture is an award winning farmer, conservationist and change agent from Boorowa in the South West Slopes of NSW. He is the ARLASH Coordinator and the main contributor to the ARLASH blog.


Kerry Arabena

Kerry Arabena is Professor of Indigenous Health and Director of the Onemda Research Health Research Unit at the University of Melbourne. She is a coordinating member of ARLASH and both her research and professional interests address the regenerative landscapes, peoples and health of the ARLASH vision.


Valerie Brown

Emeritus Professor Valerie A. Brown AO, BSc. MEd. PhD. is Director of the Local Sustainability Project, an on-going collective action program and a member of the coordinating group of ARLASH. Her work has been with over 500 government and non-government organisations and local communities on whole-of-community transformational change in Australia, Europe, and Asia. She is Emeritus Professor of University Health at the University of Western Sydney and Professorial Fellow at the Fenner School of Environment and Society, Australian National University.


David Freudenberger



John Harris

John Harris brings to ARLASH wide experience as a researcher, teacher and community activist in the fields of ecology, conservation and environmental education, with emphasis on the connections between theory and practice. His academic teaching and research appointments include the University of Canberra, the Australian National University, Colorado State University, the University of Hanoi and CSIRO. In 1990 he inaugurated Australia’s first community-based Master of Environmental Education Programme at the University of Canberra, first as senior lecturer in ecology and environmental science and then as Head of School of Resource and Environmental Management.


Dana Kelly Dr Dana Kelly is an experienced social scientist with particular interests in collective social learning, participatory action research, local governance and evaluation. Dana has a passion for working with rural communities and Indigenous communities, helping to facilitate knowledge networks, and building bridges between diverse interests.


Charlie Massy

Charlie Massy OAM, BSc. PhD. comes to the coordinating group of ARLASH from a rich and diverse background as a fifth generation farmer, historian, best-selling author, renowned sheep breeder, and transdisciplinary researcher. His vision for ARLASH involves recognising regenerative farmers as key players in leading the way in regenerating soil, landscapes, and, via healthy food off such landscapes, people and society.


Colin Seis

Colin Seis, and his son Nicholas, owns the 2000 acre property, Winona, which is situated North of Gulgong in the central tablelands of NSW. The property runs around four thousand, fine wool merino sheep, which includes a 65 year old Merino Stud, and grows around 500 acres annually to oats, wheat and cereal rye using the ‘Pasture Cropping’ technique that Colin developed over 20 years ago. In 2014 Colin won the Bob Hawke Landcare Award for this innovation.


Richard Thackway

Richard Thackway is an Adjunct Associate Professor with the School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Management (GPEM), The University of Queensland and a Visiting Fellow at the Fenner School of Environment and Society, Australian National University. Richard is the chair of the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) Vegetation Information and Mapping Science Advisory Committee (VIMESAC) an independent committee that provides quality-assured scientific advice and peer review to OEH about mapping, survey and classification, and delivery of all forms of vegetation information. Both Richard’s research and professional interests address the regenerative landscapes of the ARLASH vision.


Julia Wolfson

Julia Wolfson, MAppSc, PhD, is founder and principal of Turning Forward, a grass roots learning, development and consulting practice based in Canberra and delivered world-wide. She is the Treasurer for ARLASH, and a Visiting Fellow at the Fenner School of Environment and Society, Australian National University. Her work is dedicated to managing change towards the freedom and health of people and environments in communities and organisations worldwide.

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